Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"It's all about Communication" by Giselle McMenamin

"It's all about Communication" oil on panel 6x6"

Having a good time adding to my beach series this week. Here's a small oil painting of a couple I spotted this summer. I got a kick out of seeing them texting side by side- in the same position no less. Wonder if they were texting each other! They say a good relationship is based on how well you communicate so perhaps this is the beginning of a wave of therapy in marriage counseling. Who knows. Anyway, I thought it made for a good comment on today's technology driven society. I'm as much a part of it as the next gal. With respect to the process of developing this piece I literally just jumped right into it with a simple sketch in pencil to help me keep the proportions balanced initially. My main focus lately is to get the values on target. I find myself spending a lot more time mixing colors and making sure they're the right temperature before I lay it all down. I get extremely frustrated when it doesn't work out.

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