Friday, October 25, 2013

“Eve”, Original Contemporary figurative art of a woman in turquoise with hair blowing in breeze, painting by Utah Contemporary artist Linda Dalton Walker, 36” x 60.5”, Oil on canvas.

Linda Dalton Walker Contemporary Artist, Original Contemporary Figurative Art of a Woman in turquoise with hair blowing in the breeze, behind her is a river flowing to a one-point perspective. her heart is outside her dress, and a snake is wrapped around her neck and arm. Planet Venus is in the background. “Eve” 36” x 60.5”, Oil on canvas, $1,500.00.

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The woman who over time
has captured our imagination

Many believed goddesses such as
Eve, Isis, and Venus
to be the same.
The motif of Eve rising from the river foam

parallels that of Venus rising from the sea foam.

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