Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“PHOENIX – REBIRTH”, Original Contemporary figurative art of a woman as the phoenix rising out of a cocoon, reds, golds, and purples, painting by Utah Contemporary Artist Linda Dalton Walker, 40” x 30”, oil on linen.

Linda Dalton Walker Contemporary Artist, Original oil painting of a woman as a Phoenix rising out of a cocoon in reds, golds, purples, “Phoenix -rebirth”, 40” x 30”, oil on linen, $700.00

The quintessence of rebirth, it rises from its ashes as the spiritual body rises from the dead physical form, as the new sun rises from the old. It is the new condition reached when the return to life is accomplished, namely the resurrection.
From the body of the parent, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor. When this has grown up and gained sufficient strength, it lifts its nest from the tree (its own cradle and its parent's sepulcher), and carries it to the city of Heliopolis in Egypt, and deposits it in the temple of the Sun.

from Bulfinch's Mythology

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