Friday, June 13, 2014

“Seven Demons”, Original figurative and portrait of Mary Magdalene dealing with the seven demons, she is wearing gold, 60” x 48”, Oil on linen

Linda Dalton Walker Contemporary Artist, Original figurative and portrait art of Mary Magdalene dealing with the seven demons, she is a portrait in the center of the image with the stages of womanhood behind her, the image edges have the seven different demons she had to deal with and overcome in her life, “Seven Demons”, 60” x 48”, Oil on linen, $5,000.00.

Mary Magdalene had been possessed by seven demons, even after doing
 all her spiritual leader had instructed her to do in order to release the demons.
This instruction involved solitude, fasting, shaving her head, and living solitary in a cave.

However, in the cave, after she was possessed by Abaddon, and unable to control her life and stave off the demons, she jumped into the abyss to end her life. 

Amazingly she lived by landing on a large tree (tree of life?), and then crawled through the desert to a group of people where she found her companions. The companions, who had been listening to Jesus, asked if the Messiah would remove the demons from her. He laid his hands on her head, and though it pulled him close to death, the demons left her and she was healed.

She clasped her hands on her head and began sobbing.

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