Saturday, November 2, 2013

“Writing Her Gospels”, Original Contemporary Figurative Art of Mary Magdalene writing her gospels in the mountains surrounding France. She is wearing gold and white, painting by Utah Contemporary artist Linda Dalton Walker, 22 x 36, oil on linen

Linda Dalton Walker Contemporary Artist. Original contemporary figurative art of Mary Magdalene in a cave writing her gospels while wearing gold and white, and there is a secondary image of her in red and gold ready to ascend.  “Writing Her Gospels”, 22 x 36, oil on linen, $500.00.

There are numerous
tales and legends
about Mary Magdalene
living in Southern France,
especially Provence, after
the resurrection of Christ.
There is a cave at Ste. Baume
where she is said to
have lived the last thirty years of
her life writing her gospels.

A tradition from the place tells of
Mary and heavenly sound:
Each morning a group of
 angels would lift
Mary up along the cliff
face to the summit,
there to experience the entire
choir of angelic hosts,
 the divine sounds of
original and continuing creation.

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